23rd Days of Open Systems
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

Özcan Esen

Özcan Esen

LibreOffice moves online (Keynote)

As LibreOffice moves online, it provides a Free Software alternative to Office365 using a rather similar high-fidelity, full-feature architecture. This brings a number of interesting challenges we've had to solve. How did we repurposed Leaflet the map library, to show documents? What are the technical challenges in collaborative editing and what is the current status of it? How our layered model isolates the documents and ensures that no one can access other people's documents? What is tiled rendering and what we are doing for seamless user experience? Come and hear how we solve these problems at Collabora and develop our product Collabora CloudSuite while keeping everything open as possible, I will show the awesome features and ownCloud integration. Also you will catch up with the latest news in LibreOffice and hear insights about the UK Government, Crown Commercial Service's relationship with Collabora around LibreOffice and the Open Document Format.

tags: edu, keynote, dev


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