23rd Days of Open Systems
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

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  Start Core DC supporter
Price (HRK) until May 4. 2016 at 23:59 200 650 900
Price (HRK) after May 4. 2016. 250 750 1100
Drinks and snacks during breaks + + +
Coupons for party drinks + + +
Conference T-shirt and bag   + +
Advantage at workshop registrations   + +
Lunch for first two days of conference   + +
Surprise gift     +

Few notes:

  • Start model is usable exclusively for personal registration.
  • The number of conference attendees is limited to the capacity of the venue.
  • Members of HULK, HrOpen, HrOUG, HUJAK, HIZ, and public administration employees have the right to 10% discount.
  • Students of FER Zagreb, Algebra, TVZ Zagreb, PMF Zagreb, FOI Varaždin, ETF Osijek, FESB Split, RiTeh/OzI Rijeka, Department of Informatics univ. Rijeka, GEO Zagreb, VERN, RIT will be notified on how to attend the conference for free.
  • HrOpen is not subject to VAT.

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HrOpen is not subject to VAT.

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