23rd Days of Open Systems
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

Ivo Lukač

Ivo Lukač

Make your web solutions more flexible with layout and block management (Talk)

When thinking about layout of web applications and sites it is still about custom and rigid templates and controllers. In simple use cases that should be enough but it is less flexible when building or maintaining complex solutions even more so with responsive and adaptive approaches which are today standard requirement. It should be possible to create a component that gives designers, developers and advanced editors to: - easily manage different layouts and zones (generating Bootstrap, Foundation, React or whatever kind of output) - define master layouts with zone inheritance, - add/more/remove blocks with a simple drag and drop interface (or even from command line), - implement custom blocks by simple template and/or controller override, - apply layouts to routes with conditions like user roles, geolocation, time, etc.

tags: dev


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