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Hans de Raad

Hans de Raad

Automated testing, a normal part of developer life in the world of agile development (Talk)

Automated testing has become a normal part of developer life in the world of agile development processes. However, it is usually only focused on unit testing or behavior testing–either the technical or the functional realm of the application. What about security testing and other non-functional aspects of the application, like performance testing? Especially if you work in strongly regulated environments like government, healthcare and finance, you'll have to continuously demonstrate that guidelines are being followed when it comes to aspects like input validation, auditability and traceability. Drupal 8 already coincides with a great overhaul of the Drupal testing infrastructure, a great moment to look at some of the perhaps not so obvious items to test as well! This presentation will go over a number of tools to deploy for security testing and give some practical advise on how to integrate these with your Continuous Integration setup: static code analysis for coding style and technical debt security testing tools performance and UI testing tools

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