11-13 MAY 2016

23rd Days of Open Systems
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

Special accommodation deals for conference attendees

Posted on Feb. 29, 2016, 10:08 p.m.

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Like previous years, we have arranged special prices for accommodation for our attendees.

Our partners are hotel International and Fala.

Hotel International offers single and double rooms with breakfast included:
Single room price is 550,00 HRK (roughly 71 EUR) and double room is 650,00 HRK (roughly 84 EUR), plus tax which is 7,00 HRK per person per day.
To make a reservation, contact the hotel through email reservations.international@hup-zagreb.hr
The address of the hotel is Miramarska 24 l 10 000 Zagreb I Croatia; and you can reach it by phone:
Tel. 00385 1 6108-155 I Fax. 00385 1 6108-644

Hotel Fala offers single, double and quad rooms, also with breakfast included. Single room is 260,00 HRK (roughly 33 EUR), double room is 360,00 HRK (roughly 46 EUR) and a quad room is 480,00 HRK (roughly 62 EUR).
Contact for reservations: info@hotelfala.hr
The address of the hotel is: Ul. Trnjanske ledine II 18, 10000, Zagreb, Hrvatska; and you can reach it by phone: 00385 1 6111 062
Both hotels have free WiFi.

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